Assembly and model building

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Ronald Matuschek has been building models and assembling components for our customers for 20 years. Here we take a look at his everyday work.

What are your responsibilities?  

I am responsible for building models at ds automation and for assembly jobs. Specifically, that includes making prototypes and repairing printed circuit boards. I also carry out any modifications requested by customers. I draw up parts lists, program our assembly machines and sometimes have to hunt down some parts that are hard to get hold of. And then I’m responsible for checking production quality. That has top priority for us.

  • Assembly and model building

What is particularly important in the assembly process? How does your quality assurance work?

It’s important that the customers feel that they and their products are in good hands. We are not the kind of service provider that just goes through the motions; we examine any errors that may crop up very carefully. So our quality assurance process starts when we examine the data provided to us. If needed I also devise suggestions for improving the product designs, in cooperation with our in-house developers. If we didn’t do that, and just started construction without caring about errors, the material used would just be wasted and have to be scrapped afterwards. That can be avoided if we look out for errors even when we are building the prototype.

What are the important things when you are working with your customers?

Well it may sound a bit clichéd, but in my experience I have to say that are no problems, only solutions. So if problems do crop up in assembly orders, I get in touch with the customer straight away and we look for a solution. Our customers have to be able to rely on us to employ all our experience and our knowledge to find a solution.

What is it that you love about your work?

That there are new challenges every day. That is what makes working at ds so special. And what I like best is implementing highly sophisticated solutions for our customers.