Check feasibility

We check the feasibility of each new project

Each development project also includes a feasibility study based on samples or measurements carried out on site. We explain both the background and the objective.


The feasibility analysis provides a basis for deciding whether and how a solution can be implemented. Based on this analysis we are able to give our customers feedback on the general feasibility of an acoustic solution. Additionally, it is an effective way to estimate the resources needed for implementation. If an acoustic solution turns out to be unsuitable, this will also be reflected in the feasibility analysis.

  • Measurements with the objective of determining the acoustic characteristic of the sample


In the quality inspection of small parts, the feasibility is examined using samples – both good and bad parts. In the case of process and condition monitoring, however, on-site measurements are usually necessary.


First we determine the type of sensor (1) best suited for the task – USS4 or USS5 in airborne or structure-borne sound version. We then measure the process of interest and perform a frequency analysis of the audio signal (2). At this point an extensive data analysis is carried out, in which we also evaluate other characteristics of the sound signal. Then we parameterise a bandwidth filtering (3) on the sound sensors to suppress or at least attenuate non-relevant frequency components of the audio signal. After that we perform a level adjustment of the filtered audio signal (4) and select a suitable algorithm to solve the measurement problem (5). In the last step (6) we define the output or switching behaviour of the sensors so that the controller can either stop the relevant process for correction or the object detected as defective can be discharged. From this point on, the sound sensor is able to perform the monitoring or testing tasks independently. The sound sensor makes its decisions almost in real time.


The result is a detailed report of several pages describing measurements, procedure and outcome. Based on this report we draw conclusions regarding the feasibility of the project and make recommendations for further steps.