USS4 Structure-borne sound sensor

Technical specifications & data sheets

dsound® USS4-KS

The dsound® USS4 structure-borne sound sensor is an intelligent sound sensor with an internally developed algorithm for signal processing and is used for autonomous detection, evaluation and recording of structure-borne sound in industrial environments. It is preferably used for quality inspection and for acoustic material and geometry testing.
  • for structure-borne sound signals between 30 Hz and 12.5 kHz
  • sensitivity: 0.5 g to 500 g (KS/N/K) or 0.05 g to 50 g (KS/E/K)
  • powerful integrated real time signal processing and evaluation via digital signal processor
  • noise suppression through freely selectable bandwidth filters
  • sensor configuration and data recording via PC program
  • supply: 10...30 V DC
  • 1 synchronisation input
  • 2 digital outputs, switching behaviour selectable via internal software PLC
  • robust, compact housing M18 x 130 mm (protection level IP67)
  • temperature range: -15 °C to +70 °C


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