Auger monitoring

Auger monitoring

with dsound® AMS1000


Packing machines with auger dosing systems inherently carry the risk of metal to metal contacts between the auger and the filling tube. In case of contact, metal abrasion may occur. Metal contamination of the product can lead to considerable costs for the manufacturer and to reputational damage. Furthermore, damage to the system can cause additional costs.

Managing the risk of metal contamination is a requirement that is regularly defined by internal guidelines and customer expectations. Manual procedures are usually cost-intensive, not performed continuously and difficult to validate.

Our solution

The dsound® AMS1000 system is a complete system, offering a validated monitoring process. It consists of an external exciter with structure-borne sound transducer, a base unit and an IPC with user interface.

The system can easily be mounted on the hopper of the auger dosing system. Any possible contact of the auger with the filling tube during the filling process is detected. The sound signals are evaluated in real time and if a defined threshold is exceeded, warning and alarm messages are sent to the PLC.

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